Hello beautiful,

It’s that time of year when there’s palpable excitement in the air. School is finished and many of us are planning to have some time off work. The not so fun side – juggling expectations, lack of time, excessive spending and dealing with family dynamics.  All the above can create feelings of stress and overwhelm, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve left shopping until the very last minute.

Research shows that stress isn’t good for anyone. It’s a perceived threat that can affect our mood, behaviours thoughts and feelings and lead to more serious health-related issues. It’s not surprising statistics show there’s an increase in heart related issues and deaths over the Christmas holiday period. Drinking more and consuming unhealthy foods certainly add to the burden.

Here are some practical stress busting tips to help you put the merry back into the season of good tidings and make happy memories instead.

stress less and smile more at Christmas


Being with loved ones as well as the gift of giving and receiving without expectation is what’s important. We all have a vision of the perfect Xmas day or holiday, but prepare for things to not always run according to plan. Think about creating loving memories rather than drama. Go with the flow and be flexible. If you know Uncle Hank's going to be his usual obnoxious self, then avoid him. If you’re stuck in traffic on your way to an event and don’t have an army tank or you've dribbled eggnog down the front of your favourite dress, observe yourself getting uptight and frustrated and ask if it warrants wasting energy?

Simply remember to reset. Stop and breath and come back to the present. Say a little mantra or prayer. A solid daily meditation or relaxation practice comes into play in moments like this. The one I tend to use in times of stress and overwhelm is Om Mani Padme Hum. It helps to purify the body, speech, heart and mind and alleviate and transcend suffering.


Focus on recharging your batteries. Get a massage, read a book, listen to music that make you feel uplifted, happy and energised. Go for a nature walk or through a beautiful park or garden. Research shows that physical activity reorganises the neurons in the brain to reduce our response to stress. It can also boost endorphins, stabilise your mood and help you sleep better. Better yet, indulge in a home spa and treat your body to a whole plethora of natural skin care products filled to the brim with stress busting essential oils that will soothe both body and soul.


A good belly guffaw and giggle helps to lighten the mood and activates T-cells that increase immunity. Studies have shown a good session of laughter creates an increase in appetite and a similar response to moderate exercise. The level of leptin decreases as the levels of ghrelin increase. It stimulates the heart and lung muscles, boosts circulation, aids in relaxation and releases endorphins.

Think of some funny situations and pranks, dress up in silly outfits and do a photoshoot, retell some dad jokes or watch a favourite comedy that the whole family can enjoy. I highly recommend laughercise. I love doing it in public when I am with a group of friends. You just start laughing and even if it feels fake, keep going. It becomes completely infectious and other people will join in. They will have no idea what they are laughing about, which makes it even funnier. I love doing this in the city. No joke – I have managed to get a whole block laughing their heads off. Ha, ha, ha and ho, ho, ho.

Thank you all for a wonderful year. Keep buying herbal and cruelty free vegan skin care products. It’s the best present you can give to yourself, your loved ones and the planet. I wish you all a heartfelt Christmas filled with all the love and happiness you deserve.

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