If it’s one thing we want to drill home it’s the importance of having a skincare routine. It doesn’t mean your skincare routine will look like mine. Your routine should be based off your skin and what it needs. Now, figuring that out can seem a little more daunting. When do you use a certain product, how much, etc. It can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in! That being said, morning and nighttime skincare routines look different usually. Let’s read our following note how to create a natural skincare routine to learn explanation of products you could use for your morning or nighttime skincare to get you familiar with your options.



A cleanser is meant to be the first step in your skincare routine. It helps to get rid of dirt, debris and get rid of makeup from the day. Of course there are many cleansers to choose from depending on your skin type. Some people like to double cleanse, others not so much. Whatever method or cleanser you choose just make sure that it adequately cleans your skin and you’re not left with any residue. We have many favourite Sulphate free cleansers in our product range. Check it out HERE!


These terms are used interchangeably to describe a mist that you spray over your skin post cleansing. A true hydrosol contains plant actives. Some people will spray the mist directly on their skin and press in with their hands, others will spray on a cotton round and apply it in on their skin. Either way, a toner or hydrosol helps to calm skin, hydrate, keep pores open for serums/oil and specific skin treatments. A toner helps to also get rid of any oil or bits left from the cleanser, as well as balance the PH of skin.

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Treatments for the skin can range from anti-aging treatments, redness reducing treatments, hyper pigmentation targeting, and acne treatments. Theses are going to be filled with active ingredients that are really going to perform. Think antioxidants! It really depends on what result you’re looking for in your skin.  These aren’t going to necessarily hydrate your skin.  Most are made out of water or aloe, some contain oil, but few. They penetrate the skin quickly and feel almost like a gel. They absorb into your skin, opposed to creams that generally sit on top of your skin. The absorption happens easier because serums are smaller in molecular size and easier to penetrate the skin and deliver nutrients. Serums happen after toning or hydrosol when skin’s pores are still open.  I have a full blog post on all my favorite serums for the skin here!

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After a serum, now it’s time for an oil. There has been a resurgence of oils in the last 5 years. People used to be afraid of them, but now they are learning how hydrating and restorative they can be for the skin. Just remember not every oil is created equal. Some are comedogenic and can actually clog your pores or cause you to breakout. For example, coconut oil is comedogenic and can actually cause many people to breakout. If you’re not sure about the comedogenic rating look it up or ask the formulator. Oils are very hydrating and can keep the moisture intact for a long time. A great pick for those with dry skin.